Things to look forward to in March

March goals

I am pretty late to the March blog post party as we are four days in…but I am going to roll with it anyway! It definitely doesn’t feel like March…like most of the country we have been snowed in the past couple of days, and I am very much looking […]

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20 things I am doing to self-improve


One of my new year goals was to work on self-improvement, and I have been making baby steps in my attempt to be a more mindful, organised, better person. There are a few things that I do already to look after myself, but other things have been […]

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An update on my 30 before 30 list

Back in 2016, I published a post saying I had put together a ‘30 before 30 list’. You could say this list is almost a mini bucket-list – with goals and activities I would like to do before I hit my 30s. I started writing it in 2014, when I was […]

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Beauty products I couldn’t live without

Beauty staples

It seems like ages ago that I wrote my last beauty post, but there have been so many products I’ve been enjoying lately I just had to share them with you. I’ve been branching out and trying some new brands recently instead of reaching for my normal […]

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Accutane – your questions answered


January marks one year since I decided to take the leap and go on Accutane. Up until last year, I had suffered from acne for 10 years. It wasn’t just an odd blemish or a bad couple of weeks – it was permanent spots covering my back, my face and my […]

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10 ways to reduce your plastic waste

Reduce plastic waste

We live in a plastic world. When doing my research for this post, I found many articles detailing how to live a plastic-free life. It shocked me how bad plastic is for the environment. The clean-up costs are astronomical, it takes thousands of years […]

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5 misconceptions about being an introvert


Until recently, I’d never given much thought about whether I was an introvert or an extrovert. This was until, last year I was faced with a solo trip to Boston, MA for HubSpot’s INBOUND conference, and I knew that ‘networking’ with strangers […]

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The complete beginner’s guide to Hygge

Baking bread

Hyyge (pronounced hoo-ga) was without a doubt the word of 2016. There have been numerous books written about it, countless Instagram posts tagged with #hygge or #hyggehome and experts swear that bringing hygge into your daily life can improve it significantly. But […]

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How to get back into a fitness routine

Fitness flatlay

Getting back into the swing of working out is especially hard when you’ve been pigging it out over the Christmas break (which I definitely have). There’s no denying it’s hard to get up off the sofa after time off, but if there’s one thing I can […]

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My top albums of 2017


There’s been a lot of great music released in 2017. As well as albums, there have been so many amazing songs that have been added to my Spotify playlists including Hate That You Know Me (Bleachers), Waking Up Slow (Gabrielle Aplin) and Baseball (Hippo […]

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10 things I plan on winning at in 2018

I try not to write resolutions at the end of each year, as I find they go out of the window by February. However, I do like to look at the year ahead and make a small list of things I would like to achieve, as I am a firm believer of having goals to […]

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