DermaplaningWhen was the last time you thought your makeup looked flawless, only to inspect it in the natural light and notice patches of foundation clinging to whiskers on your top lip, or the wisps of your sideburns? Women’s facial hair is a thing, just like we get hair on our arms or our stomachs. No woman can escape the soft fair strands that appear on our bodies, but for some people, they are more noticeable than others.

Blonde facial hair has always been an issue for me. I’d always thought I’d have to accept it – deal with its inconvenience or find a foundation base that wouldn’t highlight it so much. That was until I heard about dermaplaning – or facial shaving, a way to say goodbye to peach fuzz for good!

I’d never heard of dermaplaning until The Nail Place started posting about it on their Facebook page. When the owner Hayley invited me to try the treatment, along with LED light therapy, I was curious and I booked in at her Staple Hill home salon in Bristol.

The Nail Place Bristol

I’d never had LED light therapy; I knew it could be used to improve acne-prone skin, but having been on Accutane at the beginning of 2017 I was told to avoid any treatments for 12 months after completing my course. Accutane dramatically improved my skin, but even I was still subject to hormonal breakouts once a month, particularly around my chin area.

When I arrived at The Nail Place, Hayley explained to me that an LED treatment is perfect as a prep for dermaplaning, as the light therapy is wound healing and starts the cell regeneration process. As dermaplaning is literally taking a blade to the face (more on that later), it sends your skin into shock, but this will be calmed due to the effects of the LED treatment.

There are four different colours of LED light therapy to choose from, depending on your problem areas.

Red is for reducing fine lines and improving skin tone, blue is for preventing breakouts, green is for lightening hyper-pigmentation and brightening complexions and yellow is for stimulating circulation. Each colour penetrates at different levels, with red being the most intense. We settled for 20 minutes of the blue, and 20 minutes of the red to target my breakouts and skin tone.

The LED therapy is completely painless, and just involves you lying underneath the lights with a pair of goggles on to protect your eyes. If I hadn’t been chatting away to Hayley about her salon, I’d probably have found it relaxing enough to take a little nap!

LED Light Therapy

It became clear when I was having my treatment that Hayley really cares about quality when it comes to choosing her salon products – and her business reputation is key. The Neo Elegance LED light I was lying underneath was carefully researched, and whilst there were cheaper alternatives on the market, Hayley told me that she wouldn’t feel right charging people for a treatment on an easily accessible device and one that she wouldn’t personally use herself. She also chatted to me about the products she uses for peels and masks, and how she wants to introduce natural, vegan brands to the salon in the future to complement her business’s values.

Before I knew it, my 40 minutes were up and my skin was ready for dermaplaning. 

So what is dermaplaning?

Officially it is a ‘holistic method of microdermabrasion that is performed using a surgical blade to gently scrape the outermost layers or the epidermis, therefore getting rid of dead skin, cells, and debris’. Basically, it’s facial shaving and deep exfoliation.

One of the first things I asked before my session was if my hair would grow back thicker and darker. I discovered that we have two types of hair on our bodies, vellus hair and terminal hair. The former is the hair on our face and arms – the fair, peach fuzz. It will grow back, and it might feel a bit stubblier for a day or two, but it won’t grow back thicker or darker, it will stay soft and blonde.

The dermaplaning was surprisingly calming, considering I had a surgical blade swiping along my cheeks and nose at very close proximity. It didn’t feel like shaving at all, and with a few swipes, my whiskers and sideburns were a thing of the past. The whole thing took less than 30 minutes and I was shocked (and grossed out) to see the amount of hair and dead skin that was removed during the session. Hayley finished off the treatment with a sheet mask to soothe my skin and advised me not to apply any makeup until the following day.

What is dermaplaning?

Although not recommended, I could not stop touching my face after I left. I couldn’t believe how smooth it looked, it felt like baby skin and had a natural glow to it. Looking at my before and after photos, you can see my forehead in particular looks transformed.

The next morning when I applied my foundation, it not only sat perfectly but I found that I did not need to use as much, as the dermaplaning had removed what I was originally trying to cover up.

I was sold, and will definitely be adding this to my wedding beauty prep list in the run-up to my big day.

Before and after dermaplaning

Hayley’s salon, The Nail Place offers express LED light therapy for £45 (20 minutes) and dermaplaning for £30. Package deals are available too.

This treatment was gifted to me by The Nail Place. Thank you again for inviting me in for such a wonderful experience!