Cleaning tipsCleaning is *probably* one of my least favourite chores to do, second only to taking the bins out.

Having said that, a lot of people comment on how clean and tidy our flat is, which doesn’t make cleaning seem so bad. It’s nice knowing that it leaves our living space presentable and worth commenting on!

Liam and I both come from ‘show room’ families, where keeping your shoes on in the house was a big no no, and god forbid the dishes were left out overnight. I think because of that, our version of ‘untidy’ is actually pretty tidy by some people’s standards, so when I am panicking about not hoovering for a couple of days, I am probably being a tad overdramatic.

It is nice to come home to a clean space, and because I hate cleaning so much, over the years I have come up with a method to keep it to a minimum, mostly to avoid spending every Sunday morning scrubbing.

Here are my tips for keeping your home up-together, with minimum effort:

1. Clean little and often. I have a reminder set in my Google calendar every day to do some cleaning for 15 minutes. 15 minutes isn’t much to spare and it’s amazing how much you can get done in that time. I set my alarm to avoid getting into a scrub-off with the bathroom and I spend the time doing little bits and bobs to keep the flat looking polished. One day that might be cleaning all of the sinks in the bathrooms and kitchens, another it might be hoovering the whole flat. Sometimes I can get both done before my timer goes off. 15 minutes, five times a week and I pretty much cover all bases for our two-bedroom flat.

2. Keep your cleaning box topped up. There’s nothing worse than psyching yourself up to clean out the toilet to find you are out of bleach. We have a big box underneath the sink which keeps all our cleaning supplies in, and I make sure I check it before each supermarket shop.

3. Make sure you have the right tools. If you live in a small space, think about getting a cordless hoover. We made the switch a few months ago, and although the hoover isn’t as powerful as our upright, we use it a lot more often. It’s so lightweight and easy to use, and we can easily hoover the whole flat with one charge. If you have a big house, this might not be the way forward, but it certainly is a good tip for those living in smaller spaces.

4. Stay on a schedule. Make a list of less essential cleaning and make sure you set alarms to do them on a rota. Things like dusting shelves and photo frames or cleaning the oven don’t always need to be done every week. If you sit down and make a list of these cleaning chores, you can set reminders on your phone to incorporate them into your cleaning schedule periodically, meaning that they never get missed.

5. Have a de-clutter every season. Each season, we go through the whole flat with a fine-tooth comb and get rid of unnecessary items. If there’s a drawer that hasn’t been opened in the last six months, we take a look at what is in it and most of the time we can empty it and make use of it for storage. Or we might look at how our shelving is styled up and make some changes, chucking out pieces that are outdated in the process.

Do you love or loathe cleaning? How do you fit it into your busy lifestyle? Let me know in the comments.