There’s been a lot of great music released in 2017. As well as albums, there have been so many amazing songs that have been added to my Spotify playlists including Hate That You Know Me (Bleachers), Waking Up Slow (Gabrielle Aplin) and Baseball (Hippo Campus). 

However, when it comes to full albums, there are three that top my list. I have listened to these albums every single day since they were released – and they still don’t feel overplayed. Some songs on these albums were instant hits, others took a bit of time to grow on me, but overall here are the LPs that I keep going back to time and time again: 

#3: After Laughter by Paramore

This was an unexpected one to make the list, as prior to 2017 I am not sure I would have considered myself a Paramore fan. However, as a pop/rock fan, I absolutely love the new direction that the band has gone in…so much so that a week after this album dropped I just had to get my hands on some tickets to their sold out show at the Colston Hall in Bristol. The gig was one of my favourites in 2017, and I am still playing the album on repeat.

#2: What If Nothing by Walk the Moon

It had been three years since the release of WTMs last album, so for me, I was highly anticipating ‘What If Nothing’. Anybody who knows me well will know how much of a fan I am of the band, and I wasn’t disappointed when the first single ‘One Foot’ was released. On a first listen of the album, there were some songs I instantly liked (Kamikaze, Tiger Teeth and All Night), a few that were growers, and there are still one or two tracks that I’m not completely sold on (Press Restart and Sound of Awakening). They’ve gone for a different sound on this album, it’s much more raw, not as ‘poppy’ and it displays a more serious side to the band as the lead singer Nick, deals with heartbreak and new beginnings. We’ve got tickets to see them three times in 2018, and I can’t wait to see what they do with these new songs. 

#1: Attention Seeker by Felix Hagan & The Family 

Liam introduced me to Felix Hagan & The Family in 2016, after returning from a Frank Turner gig at where they were supporting. I instantly took a liking to them and so I was not only ecstatic to find out that their tour stopped at Bristol, but I was also nervous to hear new music (having liked their older tracks so much). They did not disappoint. Never have I immediately loved every single track on an LP. Favourite tracks include Be a Freak, Gene Kelly and The Worlds Yours. If you love musical theatre, and glam rock – then this band is the perfect mash up of both. Their music makes me feel so uplifted, ready to dance and take on the world.

Felix recently said in an interview that this album was about finding himself in his late-20s, having been through a journey of self-improvement. If there’s one thing I’ve learnt in 2017, it’s to stop caring about what other people think of you, and these lyrics from ‘Be a Freak’ resonate with me:

Be a freak, be something outstanding
They just love to shut you up
So why speak, when you can shout it?
Why crawl when you can strut?
Sing loud, especially if you can’t sing
Dance like you don’t care at all
Be proud because baby you’re the best thing ever.

I’ll be taking that mantra into 2018! Felix Hagan’s band deserve to be so much bigger than they are already, and I am so grateful that I have discovered them and have had the privilege to see them in a room with less than 200 people.

If you haven’t listened to any of these albums I can’t recommend them enough – WTM and Felix Hagan & The Family are both touring this year so it’s not too late to get tickets.

What was your favourite music in 2017? I am always looking for new music to add to my playlists so let me know in the comments.

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