I try not to write resolutions at the end of each year, as I find they go out of the window by February. However, I do like to look at the year ahead and make a small list of things I would like to achieve, as I am a firm believer of having goals to work towards. It’s not the end of the world if I don’t do the things on this list, but I’d like to have ticked some items off, and at least made a good effort or headway with the rest. Here’s what I plan on winning at in 2018.

Giving blood

I am not a big fan of needles, but giving blood is something I’ve always wanted to do – so this year I am going to fight the phobia and help potentially save lives. I’ve already signed up to receive the dates of when I can donate blood in my area, so come January I will well on the way to giving my first few pints.

Becoming an organ donor

Now this is a quick and easy one, and one that I am ashamed to say I haven’t done yet. It takes 5 minutes to become an organ donor – and it will be one of the first things I do this year.

Working on self-improvement

I’ve read a lot of self-improvement books this year, from titles on happiness, anxiety and even the art of de-cluttering your closet. 2018 is going to be the year I start taking what I’ve learnt and putting it into practice.

Ticking off some more travel goals

I have a ’30 before 30’ list and as I enter my 28th year, I’d like to get some more items under my belt. Two of these are going to Paris and Red Rocks in Colorado. I have plans to do both this year – with maybe a pitstop in LA. I feel very grateful that I am able to travel – and I definitely want to make the most of being able to do it before we settle down.


After writing my ‘How much time do you really have?’ post, I realised that I did actually have a lot of it spare. I’d like to do something more meaningful with the time I have, and this year I’d like to put some hours into volunteering. My partner Liam works for an amazing mental health charity in Bristol ‘Off The Record’, so hopefully I can help out there.

Being selfless

Whether it’s paying for somebody’s coffee behind me, or offering somebody who is homeless some lunch, I want to take a step back and do some nice things, just because. It’s so easy to get wrapped up in our own lives and only think about the people immediately around us, but it only takes a small gesture to make a strangers day.

Getting on the property ladder

Back in 2016 I said to myself that I wanted to aim to buy in 2018. Now that we are here, that is a scary thought – but certainly doable if we put our minds to it. Liam and I know that we want to stay in Bristol, but where exactly is yet to be decided. We are definitely going to get some financial advice soon and start looking at areas.

Doing more of what I love

Blogging, taking photos, watching documentaries, getting dressed up, spending time with my niece – these are all things I love to do but at the moment I don’t do enough of. I plan on really putting in the work in 2018 on my side-hustles, but also make time to see friends and family more. Experiences and making memories beat spending lots of money on material things any day.

Being more pro-active and less re-active

Often I leave things until the last minute, and then I am panicking, not putting my best work in or I miss the boat completely. Usually I document my appointments in a paper diary, but this year I might actually start using my phone and keeping track via my Amazon Echo Dot. A little organisation goes a long way – and hopefully being more pro-active with help me steam ahead both at work and at home.

Reading more, writing more, learning more

Last year I said I wanted to read a book a month. Although I didn’t achieve that goal, I did read a lot more than I had done the previous year. This year I want to read more, write more and most importantly learn more. I am always keen to learn, whether that it how to take the perfect Instagram photo, or educating myself on important world issues that need to be acted upon. I’m a firm believer that we should all strive to learn as much as we can.

Do you have any goals or aspirations for the new year? I’d love to hear them! Let me know in the comments.

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