How much time do we really have‘I’m just too busy’. 

Hands up if you have heard that excuse before? Or even better, hands up if you have used that excuse before?

I think at some point or another, we have all been guilty of putting something off, or not being our most productive because we are ‘too busy’ with other things going on in our lives. It’s easy to think that way if you are working 37.5 hours a week and trying to fit in exercising, eating well, socialising and  getting at least a bit of sleep.

However, the last time I uttered the words ‘sorry, I’m too busy’, it got me thinking. Am I too busy? What is taking up all of my time? How much time do we really have in a day, or a week?

Is the ‘too busy’ excuse, exactly that: an excuse? Or do we try and cram in as much as we can into 168 hours? 

So I took my life and started to split it up based upon hours spent on activities, to determine exactly what spare time I had on my hands:

The results were fascinating.

Sleep: 49 hours per week

Getting ready each morning: 7 hours per week

Commuting to and from work: 3.5 (ish) hours per week

Working: 37.5 hours per week

Preparing food and eating: 10.5 hours per week

Exercising: 1.5 hours per week

Spending time with family: 21 hours per week

Time left over: 38 hours

38 hours of free time! 38 hours of not working, being asleep, commuting, exercising or socialising. What was I doing with these 38 hours at the moment? 

I know that I spend an unnecessary amount of time aimlessly scrolling through social media, binging Netflix or online shopping. They are all things that I enjoy doing, but equally I can’t deny that they are time suckers. It’s eye-opening to think about how much I could be getting done instead.

Now, not everybody has the same lifestyle as me – and you may have more activities on your list than I do (especially if you have children!), but even so, you may find that you have five hours spare, or 10…or more if you are lucky.

So if you’ve been putting off that art class, going to the gym or starting up that side-hustle because of time and the lack of it – this could be a good activity to assess your time management.

I now have 38 hours to play with – and I am looking forward to the challenge of seeing what I can do with them!

What will you be doing with your spare hours? Let me know in the comments.