L'Oreal TanIt’s a running joke between friends that I am pastier than Snow White – and up until fairly recently I chose to grin and bear it when it came to stripping off and showing off my skin in the sun. I don’t tan either so sunbathing does nothing for me, even after a week on holiday! 

I hopped on to the fake tan bandwagon fairly recently, and after seeing Victoria from InTheFrow talk about the L’Oreal Sublime Bronze Overnight Elixir, I picked up a bottle. I love the idea of a low maintenance overnight tan – I much prefer applying before bed and being able to shower off any excess in the morning. 

The Overnight Elixir is a tinted cream formula, which makes it great for visibility during application. You can apply with your hands or a mit, I personally went for the latter as I find it’s easier to get a nice even finish. A little goes a long way! One of the amazing things about this tan is that is doesn’t smell at all – so I don’t have to endure any ‘digestive biscuit’ jokes from Liam when I get into bed! It also doesn’t transfer on to bed sheets which is a winner.

I was so impressed with the results, even after the first application. My skin had a gorgeous natural glow to it – I definitely looked as if I had just stepped off a plane. The tan is super hydrating too so there were no dry or patchy areas which you can sometimes get with a mousse.

The tan lasts really well, so far I’ve only had to top it up once a week on average. I usually do this on a Sunday evening before the next week of work. It’s been so nice to have that ‘glowy feeling’, knowing that I am not doing any damage to my skin to achieve it.

I’ll definitely be reaching for this all year round! What is your ‘go to’ tan?

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