Ombre Strawberries
I know, I know – a summer post in September! The optimism is high here guys – and I am certain that we *might* see some sun in the next couple of weeks before we can officially call it autumn. 
So whether you are packing for a picnic in the park, a barbecue in the garden or even just a lazy evening at home with friends, these ombre dipped strawberries are the perfect dessert that won’t leave you feeling guilty afterwards. 
I adore fresh fruit in the summer, especially when berries are in season. I could easily devour a  big box of raspberries or blackberries in one sitting! Fruit is also great for staying healthy in the hotter months, it keeps you hydrated by infusing water and you consume a lot less calories and sugar than you would if you reached for chocolate or ice cream. 
These ombre dipped strawberries are almost too pretty to eat (but not quite!). The recipe can be adapted to suit vegans too, replacing the yogurt with a coconut alternative. They are so simple to make, but always go down really well when I have served them before.
To re-create these sweet treats you will need the following:
500g strawberries
500g greek yogurt (or dairy alternative such as coconut yogurt)
Pink food colouring
Lay all of your strawberries out on a try lined with baking paper, leaving the stalks on
Using four bowls, separate out the yogurt and start to add drops to each to create the ombre affect
I recommended starting with one bowl with no drops, then adding 2,4 and 6 drops of food colouring to the other bowls
Mix well together until the ombre colours can clearly be seen
Dip your yogurts into the ombre pots of yogurt and set aside on to the baking paper
Once all of the strawberries have been dipped, place the tray into the freezer for one hour
After an hour, take the strawberries out for another dip in the yogurt and then freeze again for another hour until set.
Serve with glasses of cold prosecco on a warm summer’s day!
Will you be trying these ombre desserts?