I am slightly late to the party when it comes to posting about my April goals – but it is officially spring and I am too excited not to post about what I’d like to achieve this month.

There’s something about spring, the sun starts to come out, cute flats and pretty dresses appear and who can’t smile at daffodils and seasonal blooms?

April is always a busy month for me. Not for any particular reason other than we have two bank holidays and we always try and make the most of them – this month I need to pack in a trip to London, a long weekend in Edinburgh and my best friend’s hen party.

I still have a long to do list I’d like to have ticked off before May…here are my main goals:

Take more photos

When it comes to taking photos, I will happily fill up my SD card with shots for the blog, snapping away at my Instagrammable dinner or strategically placed indoor plants. However, as soon as I step outside I instantly forget that there is a camera attached to my phone. Recently, I’ve made so many good memories with friends I haven’t seen for ages but I always walk away regretting that I didn’t document it with a quick pic. This month, with our mini break to Scotland and the hen party I am determined to take some pictures that I will be able to enjoy looking back on! I’ve also upgraded my camera to the Canon M10 so vlogging may be on the cards…

Refresh the balcony

We’ve lived in our flat for nearly 18 months – and there are still lots of odd jobs we need to complete. This summer we really want to make the most of our balcony, especially as it is our only private outdoor space. We’ve already bought some potted plants to hang over the side and we have a cute dining set up, but I really want to look at ways to make it feel more cosy and hygge. Pinterest has been a huge help for inspiration, it’s amazing what you can do with a tiny space!

Keep reading (fiction!)

This was one of my overall 2017 goals, and I think I’ve done a pretty good job on the reading front. However, I can’t remember the last time I read a novel – most of the books I’ve finished have been autobiographies or marketing related. If anybody has read anything good recently, send recommendations my way! I miss getting so engrossed in a book that the outside world becomes a blur – I need a real page turner.


Last year I watched a documentary on minimalism and it inspired me to lead a simpler life. I started with a capsule wardrobe in January, limiting myself to 33 items of clothing per season, and I haven’t looked back since. I’ve really enjoyed having to create outfits out of a limited number of pieces. It’s stopped me from compulsively spending money on clothes, and I’ve made a bit of dosh on the side selling my old belongings on eBay. Now I want to move on to de-cluttering the flat and being strict with what brings me value and what doesn’t.

Finish the new blog

I am giving alldolledup a makeover! I’ve run my site for nearly five years now, and I feel like I’ve outgrown my current look and feel, as well as the name alldolledup. There are lots of exciting things going on, and I cannot wait to share the end result with you all! Watch this space.

Have you set yourself goals for April? Let me know in the comments.