I’m not going to sugar coat it…these last four weeks on accutane have been hard! It’s definitely been the most challenging month – but I am positive my skin is getting much better. If you are new to my skin series you can find all of my posts here.

In the past month, aside from the usual dry skin and lips, I also suffered from heart palpitations and some anxiety. I think both of these were linked – the heart palpitations were making me anxious – and the anxiety was giving me heart palpitations! After it happened every day for about a week I took a trip to my GP just to make sure it wasn’t anything serious.

If you’ve ever suffered from palpitations, you will know how scary it can be. When it feels like your heart is skipping a beat, or beating really fast – you can often be overwhelmed by fears that you will collapse, or even die. Sounds pretty dramatic – but funnily enough if you Google your symptoms (which is usually never a good idea!) heart palpitations are one of the very few things that most articles will tell you is completely normal. My GP examined me and booked me in for a routine ECG – and as I suspected everything came back fine. Just me being a lil worrier!

You’ll see from my latest skin pictures that my neck and back are clearing up a lot – and I now have hardly any ‘active’ spots or cysts. I am really happy with the progress on my neck, it looks very clear and there aren’t many marks left. My back is better than it was, but I am a bit worried about the scarring that has appeared.

Does anybody know if the scarring will fade over time? Or are there any treatments that I might want to try after my accutane course?

It’s hard to believe that I am already in month 4 – with *fingers crossed* only 12 weeks left on the drug. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t looking forward to coming off it – I think having really bad roots, no lipstick and not being able to let my hair down with a few drinks is starting to take its toll!

I’ve also switched up some of my make-up this month, from the Revlon ColorStay foundation to the L’Oreal Nude Magique Cushion. I needed something that wasn’t as heavy, as the ColorStay was clinging to dry patches and making me look very cakey. The L’Oreal foundation is perfect for giving me a light base which I can then add to with concealer. I never would have worn a base with such a light coverage before – so it’s great news that I feel I can do this now!

I have to say that I am much more confident in my skin since taking accutane. I no longer worry about people seeing my spots when I speak to them, and I am sure that by the summer I won’t have any issues with strappy tops or dresses. It’s been a big journey – but it feels good to know I am over half way there!

Are you on accutane? Let me know if you have had any scary side effects!