I am now nine weeks into my treatment, and Accutane has very much become a part of my day to day life. I’ve been very good when it comes to remembering to take my pills, only once have I forgotten! This last month hasn’t been too bad in terms of dry skin and lips either; I think my body has adjusted to the 50mg per day which I was put on in month 2.

I have experienced some new side effects this month, which remind me how powerful this drug can be. I had my first nose bleed around week 7 as I was getting ready for work in the morning. I was washing my face in the bathroom when suddenly I noticed something hit the floor. As I looked down I realised it was blood (lush!), and then seconds later my nose started streaming as if a tap had been switched on.

Luckily, I managed to stop the flow after about ten minutes but considering I hadn’t had a nose bleed in about ten years I instantly knew it was down to the Accutane. Hopefully they won’t continue!

I’ve also noticed that the skin on my arms has become very dry – with patches of eczema appearing in random places. This isn’t a major problem, I am very used to having eczema appear and so I’ve been slathering on Diprobase morning and night. This stuff can be bought without a prescription if you suffer from dry patches it’s the only cream I’ve found to instantly clear it up. You can pick up a bottle here.

In terms of my skin, it’s difficult to say if I think it is getting better right now. My neck has cleared up a lot since I started treatment, but random cysts keep coming back which can be quite red and painful. My back is still suffering but it definitely doesn’t look as aggressive as it was. I’ve also developed a few big, lump like spots on my chest which aren’t very nice to look at! I really hope they start to clear as we go into spring. I know that I am not even half way into my course yet, so it’s normal to not see many results yet. I sound Iike a Moaning Myrtle – but I am happy with the progress, promise!

I also wanted to mention that there is a brilliant documentary out on BBC iPlayer this week presented by YouTuber Katie Snooks, called Me, My Spots and I. I really related to a lot of the stories in the show – and if you are an adult acne sufferer I recommend watching it. I love Katie’s comments about wanting to be real on social media, and to show people that life isn’t always Instagram perfect. That is the exact reason I started this skin series – and I really hope it gives other people confidence to speak out too. It’s okay not to be perfect!