Up until fairly recently, I would never had classed myself as a morning person. I was always hitting snooze until the last possible second, and usually running out of the door at half past eight, feeling flustered and half asleep.

I made a conscious decision to start giving myself some more time in the mornings to slowly wake up and set myself up for the day – and not do anything too strenuous at the crack of dawn!

Here are a couple of the changes that I have made to ensure that I start the day right, ready for work and ready to have great week:

I set my alarm clock half an hour earlier than normal

I used to get up at 7am on the dot and didn’t have time for anything other than getting ready and heading out of the door. Now, as soon as my alarm goes off at 6.30am I immediately get out of bed to avoid hitting snooze. Having an extra half an hour in the morning to just chill, wake up properly and prepare for the day makes such a difference to my mood.

I lay out my breakfast and coffee items ready for the morning

It’s great having the time to sit and enjoy breakfast when I get up earlier, and to save time I make sure I have everything I need laid out the night before. It may only save me a minute or so in the morning – but that’s extra time I have to be snuggled up on the sofa reading.

I take some time out to catch up on ‘life’

Sometimes I like to use my extra time in the morning to do something productive like reading or making a to-do list, but occasionally I will just sit and scroll though Twitter to catch up and reply to messages. I can schedule my blog posts through Buffer or add some content to Pinterest – either way I make sure I do it all without opening my MacBook and being tempted to check emails.

I have my lunch ready to take to work

It can be such a pain to remember to meal prep the night before, but it is so worth it come morning. I’ve started making batch meals to feed Liam & I for the whole week, and it takes the stress out of trying to cobble something together on a Monday morning. I also find that I make better choices when it comes to food when I prepare in advance.

I write down three things I want to achieve that day

However small or large, I like to write down three things I want to get out of the day each morning. I really find that it helps give me some purpose and also motivates me to achieve some objectives by the evening. They can be personal or work-related – anything goes!

Are you a morning person or do you hate the sound of your alarm going off? Let me know in the comments.