New Year’s Eve is just around the corner – and I think if there’s one thing we can agree on, it’s that we are all glad to see the back of 2016! I already have so many plans, goals and aspirations for 2017, I have a feeling it is going to be a good one!

There’s nothing better than a good New Year’s Eve cocktail – and I’ve been experimenting with a recipe that I think will get your night off to a great start, whether you are choosing to party it up or keeping it chilled this year. Anything with Baileys in is a winner in my eyes, and with the toffee nut syrup added for some extra sweetness, this cocktail has definitely become my December favourite.

Serve in ice cold martini glasses, mine are from Urban Outfitters.

Recipe (makes two)

50ml Baileys Irish Cream

50ml vodka

25ml toffee nut syrup

150ml semi-skimmed milk

Chocolate sprinkles (optional)

Simply add your Baileys, vodka, toffee nut syrup and milk to your favourite cocktail shaker and give it a good blitz whilst dancing around the kitchen to your favourite new year’s tunes. When done, pour into a glass and garnish with chocolate sprinkles, if you like.