This month I had the amazing opportunity to visit Boston, Massachusetts with work. Not only was I travelling across the pond to the US, I was also attending INBOUND 2016, a marketing conference held over three days, hosting 19,000 delegates.

I work in marketing and the line-up for this year’s conference was incredible (Anna Kendrick, Alec Baldwin, Serena Williams!) – I was really geeking out about being able to attend!


Packing for the autumn (or fall!) weather was HARD. I was going to be away for 10 days in total – as I was travelling down to New York after the conference – and I knew it was going to be really cold! Fitting in all those chunky knits and scarves was going to be a challenge!

Luckily, I not only had my giant suitcase but I also travelled with my Jurni case which was so handy to be able to zoom around the airport with. The case is perfect hand luggage size and the convenient pop out compartment was really helpful for keeping my important documents and passport close to hand when I needed them.


I flew with Norwegian Air for this trip, an airline I had never travelled with before. I was intrigued to see how a budget airline catered for a long haul flight. I actually had a great experience, was kept fed and watered the whole way through – and I loved that I could order anything extra from my seat, and pay for it via the touch screens.

I only had about half a day to see Boston itself before my conference started – but what I saw I fell in love with – I wish I had booked in more time to explore!



I jumped on one of the hop on hop off Trolley Tours to try and see as much of the city as possible. I took a walk up to Harvard University, which was everything I imagined it to be. The views were stunning and it was made even more beautiful by the colours of the trees in the main yard. I couldn’t believe I was stood in the very place that Facebook was created!



I managed to see the famous ‘Cheers’ sign, take a stroll down Beacon Hill with a Starbucks in hand and explore Boston Common – which again was spectacular in the fall.


Boston is such a lovely, calm city – and one I would definitely recommend if you are travelling the East Coast.