I started my 30 before 30 list back in 2014. I’d seen a couple of friends write up these lists and I thought it would be a fun way of documenting some of my life goals – whilst also including things that I want to do but just haven’t got around to yet. I am only 25, so I have another five years to complete my list – some things I feel I could tick off easily, others I think I might struggle to do!

In the last year I’ve managed to complete a few of the big ones. In December, we relocated from Cheltenham to Bristol – something I have wanted to do for years. Then in September I finished a half marathon – I was very satisfied ticking that one off the list!

As 2016 is almost coming to an end, I am starting to think about what I want to achieve next year. I think there are lots of things on this list I could do very easily, such as give blood or register as an organ donor. But perhaps 2017 will be the year for me to finally learn photography – or to visit Paris on a long weekend. Who knows – maybe I might even save enough money to be able to treat myself to those designer shoes!

I even have 5 spots to fill in my list – there may be goals I haven’t even realised yet.

Do you have a 30 before 30 list? Let me know if there is anything you think I should add to mine.

  1. See Walk the Moon in New York City
  2. Give blood
  3. Register as an organ donor
  4. Buy a house/flat
  5. Visit Paris
  6. Run a half marathon – done
  7. Buy a Mini Cooper
  8. Pay for somebody’s coffee behind me
  9. Buy a pair of designer shoes
  10. Learn basic photography and editing
  11. Go on a girls only holiday
  12. Go glamping
  13. Take my niece to the zoo
  14. Practise yoga regularly
  15. Be in the same room as Zooey Deschanel
  16. Redecorate a whole room
  17. Go for afternoon tea at the Ritz
  18. Move to Bristol – done
  19. Take my Mum for a spa day – done
  20. Go back on stage for a performance
  21. Go back to Glastonbury – done
  22. Volunteer for a charity
  23. Meet/interview KateLaVie in person
  24. Start aerial silks lessons