Let me start with an apology. My last two blog posts haven’t been very positive – not knowing what to write about and recovering from university debt. Both very real subjects – but we need some smiles around here!

Today’s post is much more uplifting – I really have had a triumphant week!

For the last 18 months I have been studying towards a marketing qualification, the CIM Diploma in Professional Marketing. I have worked in marketing for the past 5 years, but admittedly I ‘fell’ into it after finishing my degree. I’ve come to really enjoy it, and when my previous employer offered to pay for my CIM course I jumped at the chance. At the time, the diploma was probably a little bit out of my depth, but I knew how hard I wanted to work for it so I took the leap. When I left my old job a year ago, I knew I would have to pay back the fees (understandably!) but I had no qualms about doing this as I was enjoying the course so much. And after three assessments, lots of studying and sleepless nights – I finally received my final results on Friday…a pass with Merit!

It feels great to be working as a Digital Marketing Manager with weight behind what I do now. Will I go on to do the postgraduate course? I might give myself a break from studying first!

I also achieved what to me was ‘the impossible’ this weekend – I ran my first half marathon. You might have seen my posts in the run up to the event, but the Bristol Half has always been on my ’30 before 30’ list and this year I decided to take on the challenge. I’ve dragged myself out in the pouring rain and the blazing sun and trained my bum off over the last 12 weeks. Even after suffering a calf strain a fortnight ago, I was still determined to run the race.

The race itself was brilliant, it was overwhelming seeing how many people were there to support the runners and the whole event was so well organised. Even with my dodgy leg, I managed to finish in 2 hours and 6 minutes – a time I am very proud of! My Mum and Stepdad travelled down from Cheltenham to watch me cross the finish line – something I cannot thank them enough for. Mum was pretty emotional when she saw me!

So in reflection – I’ve had a great week with lots of achievements and I feel on top of the world right now! It’s great to look back at how far I’ve come and it is great to look forward to the future – who knows where what challenges I will set myself next!