Running a half marathon has always been a goal of mine – so much so I added it to the ’30 before 30’ list I drew up at the beginning of the year. It’s always seemed like an impossible dream, as my fitness levels haven’t been the greatest in the past…I used to struggle running to the top of the road, let alone 13.1 miles!

However, back in May I was persuaded to take part in a Tough Mudder Half event with my colleagues, which turned out to be really enjoyable and definitely put my fitness to the test! The course was 5 miles long with around 13 obstacles to overcome. After completing this, I must have got the running ‘buzz’ because I decided there and then that this year would be the year I completed my half marathon challenge.

I started my training back at the beginning of July, following a plan supplied to me on the Great Run Training website. What I love about this plan is that it focuses on time spent running rather than distance so I don’t feel under pressure and wear myself out. I’ve been aiming to go out between three and four times per week, keeping my longer runs for the weekend.

I’m very lucky in that I have some really nice running routes around where I live, with the harbour on the doorstep and Clifton only a stone’s throw away.


When I started, running 5k was a really effort for me…but after six weeks I can now comfortably run 10k in around 60 minutes. I am a little nervous as I need to double that amount by race day, but I am confident I can make it to the finish line!

I’ve had to be quite strict with myself on running days, especially when it’s been really nice weather and I’d much rather stay at home with a glass of prosecco! My weekday runs are usually no more than half an hour though, and there isn’t much excuse to not be able to fit that into the day!

I’m really excited to tick this one off the list at the end of September – it will genuinely be a massive life achievement for me, something I have trained myself to do when at first it was thought to be impossible!

I’ll be running for the fantastic Bristol based mental health charity Off The Record. OTR work with young people and provide free support to anybody in the age bracket of 11-25. They really are an inspiring charity and I wish there could have been similar services available in my area when I was in my teens. You can read more and find my donate link here. I would love to raise £400 for them!

Are you running any races in 2016? Good luck if so – and tweet me @alldolledupuk.