Who can resist a naughty treat every once in a while? I’ve been craving a good sweet recipe for a long time and popcorn seems to literally be popping up everywhere at the moment on social media. Maybe it’s because it is such an easy snack to make – and you can jazz it up as little or as much as you like to create some great sweet and savoury flavours.

When it comes to dessert, I’m pretty much all or nothing so if I was going to create a popcorn recipe it had to be good!

And who doesn’t love melted marshmallows smothered in chocolate sauce?

Find the recipe below:



1 tbsp popcorn kernels

50g mini marshmallows

2tsp butter

1tsp sugar

Chocolate sauce (I use Sweet Freedom Chocolate Shot)


Place 1tsp of butter into a bowl and heat for 10 seconds in the microwave until melted.

Add your popcorn kernels and coat well with the butter. Make sure you cover the bowl and place in the microwave for two minutes until the popcorn is popping at 3 second intervals.

In a separate bowl mix the marshmallows, butter and sugar. Remove the popped popcorn from the microwave and heat the marshmallow mixture in 30 second intervals until it is melted to form a gooey mixture.

Combine the popcorn and marshmallow mix (this bit gets sticky!).

Decorate with a couple of extra marshmallows and top with chocolate sauce.


I like to enjoy this treat cuddled up on the sofa watching an episode of Gossip Girl  – perfect Saturday night in! What is your favourite way to make popcorn?