Oh Glastonbury! The toilets, the camping conditions, the lack of running water…and the mud! How do we still manage to love you so much? Perhaps it’s because there is no feeling better than watching your favourite band amongst like-minded people, singing and dancing with a smile on your face and a can of cider in your hand. You really can’t beat it.

This was my second Glastonbury. I first went in 2014 and I was confident I had learnt from all the mistakes I had made back then. From a flooded tent, to queuing for a shower for three hours…I did all the things you definitely shouldn’t. This time around I felt much more prepared for what was to come, and only packed the essentials…most importantly a toothbrush and copious amounts of alcohol.

If you haven’t visited Glastonbury before, I like to describe it as being in a bubble for five days. The site is so big that you feel like you are in your own city, nobody judges you on what you eat or what you wear, literally anything goes. You can forget about ‘real life’ for almost a week and just drink, discover new people and new places and watch some awesome bands in the process.

Our highlight had to be Coldplay’s set on the Sunday evening. I wouldn’t even say that I was a Coldplay fan but their live show was incredible – the atmosphere was fantastic…if you haven’t had a chance to check out Adventure of a Lifetime on iPlayer you need to watch!

Here are some pictures from my crazy week in a muddy field in Somerset. Were you at Glastonbury? What do you love most about going?

Glastonbury 1

Glastonbury 3

Glastonbury 2

Glastonbury 4

Glastonbury 6

Glastonbury 7

Glastonbury 5

Glastonbury 8

Photo credits go to Liam McKinnon @liammckinnon