You’ve probably heard it a billion times…but are we really in June already? I still haven’t quite packed away my winter wardrobe…but I am hoping by the end of the month I will be able to crack out the shorts and sunglasses to fully embrace the summer!

This month is going to a busy one…but I have some really exciting things planned!

For the last year I have been studying for my CIM Diploma in Professional Marketing…and June 30 is the deadline for my final assignment! I am so excited to finally finish the course…it’s been hard work but I will be really proud of myself if I pass. I paid for the qualification myself and study in my spare time so it will be a relief when I send off my last paper. Fingers crossed for September when I receive my results…

I’ve also made a pact with myself to finally finish putting things up on the walls in our flat. We moved here in December and we still haven’t found places for the pictures that were on our walls in the old house! I think it’s probably because I am so indecisive…I just want to find the perfect spots! This month I want to finish the job and fill up some blank wall space. Plus it will remove some of the clutter from the spare room!

In June, I want to give myself a little saving challenge…by putting myself on a spending ban two days a week. I am terrible for walking into town on my lunch break and buying completely unnecessary things, such as lattes, bits and bobs from Tiger or make-up…and for no particular reason other than I like the thrill of spending! I need to get into a habit of saving money more regularly and I think over the course of the month the amount I would of spent on these little ‘luxury’ items will add up to a nice chunk for my savings account.

I’ve been doing pretty well with fitness in the last couple of months and this is mostly down to my Jawbone UP2. I absolutely love my fitness tracker; it stores my steps, monitors my sleep and gives me handy hints and tips for staying healthy. Lately I have been getting up at 6am to go to the gym before work and I love how amazing it makes me feel for the rest of the day. I have so much more energy and more time in the morning to browse the news or eat breakfast on the balcony. I want to keep this up throughout June and ensure that I am working out at least three times a week.

Finally, the main event for me in June is…Glastonbury festival! I could not be more excited to pack up my tent and sleeping bag and head off to that famous field in Somerset. I’ve done Glasto once before and absolutely loved it…fingers crossed we get the weather this year! I’m thinking about doing something crazy with my hair…perhaps a pastel pink? Watch this space!

What are your goals for June? Let me know in the comments below.