I thought I’d start this little weekly round up on my blog to document what I’ve been up to during the week! Because I work full time Monday to Friday, I really value my free time and I want to make an effort to achieve more on my evenings and weekends, whether it be exercising, baking or checking out bars in Bristol! I felt like I managed to achieve most of these things this week – not to mention three workouts and two big walks!


I started the week with a bit of ‘me’ time! Liam was out all evening so I thought I’d kick my ass into gear and get down the gym. I’m lucky in that the gym is about a two minute walk from my flat, so I really don’t have an excuse to get down there, morning or night. I usually end up watching Netflix whilst I work out… I’m obsessed with Gossip Girl at the moment! After the gym I came home and treated myself to my last Christmas LUSH bath bomb ‘So White’. Bliss!

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I wasn’t very prepared with my food prep this week so I ended up checking out one of the many amazing lunch places in Bristol on Tuesday. I had the most incredible baked sweet potato from Sandwich Sandwich, which had roasted vegetables, falafel and melted halloumi slathered on top. Sounds amazing right? Healthy too!

My evening was spent prepping lunches for the rest of the week as I am trying to consciously save money on eating out so much. It’s also a lot healthier to take your own. I made a big batch of Madeleine Shaw’s halloumi and courgette frittatas – delicious!


It was such a lovely sunny day in Bristol on Wednesday so when I got home from work I really wanted to make the most of it. The Clifton Suspension Bridge is about a half hour walk from our flat so we trekked up to the top of the hill to go and take some photos. It was lovely walking around Clifton and seeing all of the gorgeous houses and quirky shops. If you ever visit Bristol, I definitely recommend checking out the area. We treated ourselves to a cheeky ice cream on the way up, but after an hour and a half of walking I felt we deserved it!

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Thursday was spent at the Online Influence Conference in Cardiff. My job is in digital and social media so I am always attending seminars and conferences to learn more.  It was nice to have a day out from the office, and see a little bit of Cardiff.

By the time I got home in the evening I was not up for cooking anything from scratch, so I was naughty and ordered a pizza from Deliveroo.  I went for gluten free base so that I didn’t feel the bloat afterwards! The pizza was from Planet Pizza in Cotham which is serious 100% emoji stuff – much better than Dominos!


I am lucky enough to have the flexibility to work from home occasionally in my job, so I took advantage of this on Friday to get some admin bits done. I feel like I get more done when I am on my own… I can get in the zone very quickly and have my music playing quietly in the background. I managed to squeeze in another gym workout at lunchtime, perks of having it on the doorstep!

We had a very chilled evening on Friday; Liam had lots of work to do so I mostly relaxed on the sofa with a glass of red wine and endless episodes of Gossip Girl.

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I woke up early on Saturday to head down to the gym again for a cardio workout and then a yoga class with my best friend. We’ve only just started yoga but the class we go to is really fun and perfect for beginners like us. It really sets you up for the day!

I didn’t have any major plans for Saturday so as it was a nice day again I thought we could get out for another walk. This time we ventured to the Stokes Croft area of Bristol, which is full of great independent shops, cafes and restaurants. There are so many that I have added to my list to try.  We spent about an hour exploring Bristol before heading back down Park Street and treating ourselves to some Swoon Gelato ice cream. It really is the best in Bristol!

When we got home, I started having some problems with my left eye.  After a couple of hours and no improvement I rang the NHS 111 line to get some advice. In short, we had to drive over to Bath for an appointment that evening and I ended up with a diagnosis of conjunctivitis! I have no idea where I picked it up from but it looks like I will be waving goodbye to my social life in the next week or so. Boo, a bit of a rubbish way to end Saturday!


Today is probably going to be a chilled one again, as I can’t go out or wear any eye makeup now! Feeling very gross! Once Liam gets up, he promised me some breakfast in bed so I have that to look forward to. I am hoping to get some blog photos taken, make a couple of online shopping wish lists and mentally spend my wages which come in tomorrow! If my eye infection clears up I’ve got lots to look forward to next week, including a free Pieminister lunch and dinner and cocktails out at a swanky restaurant for my friend’s birthday. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

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