A new sofa is definitely on the top of my interiors wish list at the moment, I am desperate to brighten up our living room with something bold and striking! We’ve never actually invested in our own sofa, instead living on generous hand-me downs from parents over the last three years. Now that we are really settled in our new flat, and I am ready to put my home styling hat on – it’s time to get saving and spend our hard-earned money on a sofa of our own!

High-end furniture store Distinctive Chesterfields have written an article stating that the average lifetime value of a sofa is around four years…which is good news for me as it means I am just about due an upgrade! As I write this, I’m sat on my current sofa and I’ve realised I have shared so many ‘moments’ with so many people sat right here over the years. My sofa has witnessed both good and bad times…including disagreements and fights over the TV controls as well as make ups and cuddles. My sofa has hosted movie nights, Netflix marathons and watched iconic moments such as the birth of Prince George and many X Factor finals. It’s also been my go-to place to try and cure hangovers – there’s nothing better than curling up in a big cosy blanket. The list could go on…it’s served a purpose as a makeshift bed for when friends have stayed over and we’ve even created pillow forts out of the cushions!

When I think about all of these moments, it makes me realise that it’s important to see my new sofa purchase as an investment – because so much time is going to be spent on it making even more memories!

Distinctive Chesterfields have been looking closely at the UK’s sofa habits including lifespan; time spent sat on the cushions each day and sofa experiences. Based on their findings, they have come up with the Sofa Stories, a collection of fun facts about what your sofa could have gone through in the average time spent with it. One of my favourites is that an estimated £17.60 is found in your sofa over 4 years – I’d better get digging! You can view the rest of the stories and more facts here.

I’ve put together a sofa wish list from some of my favourite furniture stores including West Elm, Oliver Bonas, Made.com and Chesterfields. I think I’d quite like a corner sofa…but the teal armchair is very tempting!

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What do you think of the sofas I’ve picked out? What moments have you experienced on yours? Let me know in the comments.

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