Last week, I was incredibly lucky to have been invited along to a blogger event held by Seasonal Berries. This was especially exciting because nutritionist and best-selling author Madeleine Shaw would be there, teaching us how to cook with…yep you guessed it, seasonal berries! The hashtag for the day #EatSmartWithMadeleine!

I’ve been a massive fan of Madeleine’s for about two years now when I was introduced to her Instagram account by a friend. At the time, I was eating a very unhealthy diet and I wasn’t particularly good at cooking. Madeleine’s blog inspired me to start thinking more about what I was putting into my body and taught me how cooking nutritional tasty meals on a regular basis was not as hard as it looks!


Seasonal Berries is a company and programme that shares information and facts with berry fans in a year-long campaign funded by British Summer Fruits, an industry body that represents 98% of our berry growers. Their aim is to get people talking about and eating more berries, and not only see them as a breakfast or desert accompaniment. Personally, I have never used berries in a salad or a main before so I was excited to see what delicious recipes Madeleine would come up with!

During our cooking class, I met with 9 other health bloggers and together we created two simple yet mouth-watering dishes using strawberries and raspberries.


The first was fairly simple and involved mixing coconut yogurt with raw honey and dipping the tip of our strawberries into the mixture. After half an hour in the freezer, these were ready to be served up as the perfect dinner party dessert. I can’t wait to recreate these in the summer – you can use Greek yogurt too.

The savoury dish combined quinoa and raspberries with roasted celeriac in a honey and mustard dressing. I had never cooked with celeriac before and I can only describe it as looking like a swede but tasting like a parsnip! The result was absolutely wonderful; I couldn’t believe how well the flavours complimented each other, especially with the raspberries mixed in. It’s safe to say that the room got a little quieter as we all tucked into our dishes (after taking several pictures for Instagram…obviously!). You can find the recipe here.

FullSizeRender (1)

After lots of eating and getting to know more about each other and our blogs, Madeleine and the Seasonal Berries team presented us with some gorgeous goodie bags to go home with including Madeleine’s book ‘Get The Glow’ and some more yummy berry recipes. I cannot thank Madeleine and the team enough for a wonderful morning and I will be sure to start including berries more regularly in my cooking!


IMG_8719Have you made any savoury dishes and included berries? Let me know in the comments!