I am LOVING the #RealJuiceReboot! Apologies for my lack of posting in the past two weeks…life seems to have got in the way as always but I am here now to tell you how much you need to have a juicer in your life!

Week 2’s #RealJuiceReboot recipes were from Joe Wicks aka The Body Coach. If you haven’t checked this guy out on Instagram, you are missing out! His videos are comedy genius and his #LeanIn15 recipes are seriously tasty. I have made so many of his creations recently, because they are so simple and quick to make. His Instagram page can be found here.

This week the recipes were much more vegetable based which was great because veggie juices are much more nutritious than fruit. Drinking too many fruit juices can actually end up having a negative effect, especially on your teeth from all the sugar.

My favourite juice this week was Day 12 ‘The Hangover’ which consisted of carrots, cucumber, celery, mint and an apple. I was feeling a little under the weather that day so this one perked me up in no time. Delish!

There were some lovely beetroot based juices in the plan, and I experimented by adding a little Hale Naturals spirulina into my green juices to make them even more super than before.

I still can’t get over how quick and easy my Philips juicer is. See my first #RealJuiceReboot post for details, but I can’t really imagine getting by without one now. Long gone are the days of buying supermarket juice!

I am going to try bulk making my juices for next week and popping them in the freezer for easy juice on the go!

Are you on a juice detox? Let me know how yours is going by tweeting me at @alldolledupuk.