Having a fringe has its advantages sometimes. And one of them is covering up neglected eyebrows! Whoops!

I knew I had to kick myself into gear and that I couldn’t use the fringe cover up forever…but I had never really experimented with my brows! A dodgy attempt with a pencil in the past had put me off for a while and I did regularly get them waxed, so what was the problem?

Cara Develigne was the problem, waltzing into our lives with her perfect eyebrows. I had to step up.

I had read a few reviews on Benefit Gimme Brow and the general feeling was that it was perfect for brow beginners like me. I can hardly apply eyeliner in a straight line, let alone an eyebrow pencil, so a liquid brush version seemed the perfect solution.

I was lucky enough to win some vouchers at work so the £17.50 I had to part with didn’t seem so much of a blow. When you see the 3g bottle that the product has come in, you will convince yourself you have been robbed…but wait until you try it for the first time.



The product looks like a mascara brush so it is very easy to apply. You simply brush along your brows carefully and use the tip of the brush to fill in any gaps. When I paused to observe how my brows compared with and without the product I couldn’t believe the difference.

It gives a really subtle finish so your eyebrows don’t look drawn or painted on. I was pleased I went for the lighter shade, which seemed to fit my colouring perfectly. There was no stickiness afterwards, just fuller, brighter looking brows.

Gimme Brow gives you a really natural finish, doesn’t look fake and just overall improves your makeup look!

Have you tried Gimme Brow? What did you think? Let me know in the comments below or tweet me @alldolledupuk.