However glamorous a girl is or however glitzy their life might seem, we all share one ugly certainty.


Yuck, the thought of that time of the month makes me shiver.

But…unfortunately they are a fact of life and the only thing we can do is embrace and try and make the most of them!

I recently discovered Pink Parcel who are a company who have come up with a fantastic way to soften the blow and add a bit of sparkle to your monthly cycle.  They are a bit like Glossybox or Birchbox in that it is a monthly box, delivered directly to your door…but with your period in mind!

The parcel arrives in a discreet box, filled with your choice of tampons or pads plus some surprise treats to make your monthly cycles feel less like a nuisance, and more like an excuse to be pampered. Pink Parcel makes those late night supermarket runs and bottom-of-the-handbag scrabbles a thing of the past, even labelling your products ‘for now’ and ‘for later’ to make sure you are more organised than ever.

smallI think the concept is fantastic, especially considering its price. I probably spend around £6 or £7 a month as it is on hygiene products, so for £9.95 plus postage this box is a bargain with all the treats included. This month had goodies such as tea, chocolate, moisturiser and energy boosting tabs…all the right things for a great ‘pick me up’!

I felt well and truly spoilt on the first evening I needed it…where I would usually be curled up feeling sorry for myself!

To sign up for Pink Parcel visit and select ‘subscribe’ to get started. There is a special introductory offer at the moment and you can get your first box for only £5.95!

Get clicking and as their strapline says make your life ‘a little bit lovelier every month’.

Do you receive a Pink Parcel each month? Let me know your thoughts on Twitter @alldolledupuk.