I started my ‘clean eating’ lifestyle just over 5 months ago and apart from the odd glitch here and there, I am very proud of myself for keeping to it!

I am a stone lighter, my skin, hair and nails are in better condition and I have so much more energy than before.

Snacking has always been my downfall, and when that 4 o,clock slump hits me I instantly reach for the sugary treats. So when SKNY box approached me with their monthly healthy snacking box, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on one!

The SKNY box idea was only conceived 12 weeks ago by sisters Gina and Jess. They are both passionate about being healthy and have their only personal reasons as to why they wanted to launch SKNY box. Considering their business has only just started up, I think they have done amazingly with the first box, which was packed to the brim with guilt-free treats!

The box itself is quite large and wouldn’t fit through a normal letterbox so if you sign up to a subscription, I would advise you get it delivered to an address you will regularly be at to receive parcels.

For only £15 a month, the SKNY box is great value for money. I couldn’t believe how many healthy goodies they managed to pack in and I’ve discovered so many new brands from my first box.

Included in each box is something to eat, something to cook and something to do.

It’s made up of 6 – 8 items which includes a range of snacks, food, drinks, a spice & recipe kit and a bespoke fitness plan.

My favourite goodies were the Oloves, small enough to pop in a lunchbox and also the Soffle’s pitta chips. I’m only disappointed that I can’t buy them in my area, these are a great alternative to crisps and much healthier!

If you are thinking about starting a new healthy lifestyle in the New Year or if you are already a ‘clean eater’, then this is the box for you.

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This code is valid until January 10th 2015.

Have you tried the SKNY box? Let me know what you think at @alldolledupuk