You may or may not know that in the last 4 weeks I have hopped onto the healthy living bandwagon. I have always wanted to lose a bit of weight…for the last two years my goal has been to get down to a healthy 8 stone…but I have always seemed to be stuck on the scales at around 8 stone 9lbs.

I think I just woke up one day, looked at what I was putting into my body and decided I needed to change. So for the last month, I have ditched any kind of processed food, cut my alcohol intake significantly and concentrated on eating my veggies, getting lots of protein and I haven’t indulged in the carbs so much. The results have been absolutely amazing…I not only feel healthier and better in myself but I have dropped down to 8 stone 3lbs…something I never thought I would be able to do. I haven’t starved myself or eaten less in any way…I am just eating the right food now.

I approached Just Juices after reading about their 3 day cleanse and the results from many of their clients. Intrigued, and desperate to get to my goal weight, I approached them about working with alldolledup. They very kindly got in touch with an offer of a 3 day Classic Cleanse.

I don’t think I had entirely thought through my decision to ditch solid food for 3 days…because when I started the cleanse it was definitely harder than I originally thought! But…I am going to be extremely honest about my experience, after all what would be the point otherwise? I hope you enjoy reading about my Just Juices journey and please tweet me if you would like to think about doing one yourself! My twitter is @alldolledupuk.

The 3 day cleanse

The 3 day cleanse is made up of 4 juices a day, along with a ‘Wake Up’ shot and as much water/herbal tea as you like.

Juices are to be consumed at set times: 10am, 1pm, 3pm and 7pm. No solid food is supposed to be eaten.

The juices are a green ‘Boost It’, a purple beetroot ‘Beet It’, a zesty orange ‘Feel It’ and a berry smoothie ‘Love It’.

In three days Just Juices can see you lose an average of 6lbs and you will feel #lighterandbrighter.

Day 1

My juice delivery was due on Tuesday and because of plans I had made a while ago for the Friday I needed to start my detox on the day of my delivery, rather than on the Wednesday. My juices turned up quite late into the afternoon and up until then I had only had some herbal tea and plenty of water. I was very keen to start my detox as I was starting to get hungry and my body was craving something other than raspberry tea!

After receiving my juices I tucked into the ‘Boost It’ green juice that was meant for 10am. I will be honest – it wasn’t the best taste in the world, you could tell it was very raw and homemade, but I managed to glug it down, grateful that I was finally consuming something! I found that drinking this juice through a straw was most effective, as I didn’t get as much of the pulp at the bottom.

photo 1 (2)When I got home from work I then tucked into my second juice ‘Beet It’. Again…the taste of this one wasn’t great, very zingy and the texture put me off. I am not one to turn my nose up at orange juice with bits in…but this was a lot of pulp! Again, I managed to glug it down and poured it out into a small glass to make it manageable.

By about 7.30pm, I was getting really hungry with only two juices in my stomach. I think waiting until nearly 4pm to have my first juice didn’t help my cravings! This is where my first ‘sin’ occurred and I found myself eating one small spoonful of my boyfriend’s pasta dish.

Annoyed at myself, I decided to skip my last two juices and had an early night.

Day 2

I woke up feeling slightly headachy and made a note to drink more water.

This would be my first ‘full’ juice day, so I poured myself a shot of the ‘Wake Up’ grapefruit juice to start my morning. Wow.  The shot was extremely sour and I had to immediately wash down with a full glass of water. It was however, more bearable than yesterday’s juices and did make me feel wide awake and energised!

Usually, I am not much of a breakfast eater and I get snacky at around 9.30am. This day, I didn’t have any problems at all getting through to 10am when my first juice was due.

Remembering my original thoughts at the ‘Boost It’ green juice, I poured out into a tall glass to try and make it more bearable. I managed about half of the juice before giving up as it just wasn’t doing anything for me other than making me feel a bit queasy.

The herbal tea and lemon provided with my juices proved a good substitute as the same happened with my ‘Beet It’ juice. I was feeling pretty deflated and annoyed at myself that I wasn’t enjoying the first two juices…I felt much more optimistic for my third juice that was due at 4pm.

photo 2 (5)Because I only had half a juice in my system by 1pm…I snuck in a bowl of carrot soup at lunchtime. It was liquid AND had carrots in…..surely this wasn’t SO bad? Who was I kidding? I felt very disappointed in myself.

When 4pm arrived, I opened my third juice ‘Feel It’ feeling optimistic. It had carrots and oranges in, both of which I love so I was very relieved when I glugged it down and absolutely loved the taste. FINALLY, a juice I liked! I made a mental note to swap my first green juice for this one on my final day (as I had missed the first ‘Feel It’ on day 1).

My headaches seemed to get worse and worse throughout the day and when I got home I put my head down for some much needed nap time. My mum seemed to think that the headaches were due to my body detoxing…I felt pretty lousy either way. My nap turned into a 3 hour sleep and I woke up at 8pm tired…and not at all hungry. I decided to skip my final juice and just lazed on the sofa downstairs drifting in and out of sleep.

Not a great second day!

Day 3

The final day was here! I had to do better than days 1 and 2…surely!

I felt much better that morning; the excessive sleeping seemed to have cured my headaches.

The ‘Wake Up’ shot was no better than day 2, however I did know in advance to chug down a glass of water straight after so this helped a lot.

I decided to swap my ‘Boost It’ green juice for day 1’s missed ‘Feel It’ and this was a pleasant change at 10am. The oranges made me feel energised and awake and kept me going until 1pm.

photo 4 (3)Because I hadn’t tried any of my 7pm ‘Love It’ juices yet, I swapped my ‘Beet It’ juice for this one at 1pm. This was another encouraging smoothie, full of berries and natural yogurt. Like the ‘Feel It’ I absolutely loved this one and it kept me going throughout the afternoon.

I finished my detox with another zingy ‘Feel It’ and headed for a final early night, eager to weigh myself the next morning and see my results.


So I failed pretty badly at the ‘no eating’ policy in my juice detox! Is it okay to blame my terrible willpower and my fussy taste buds?

Even though I didn’t drink entirely juice for three days, I did manage to lose 2lbs…which means I am only 1lb away from my goal weight!

I am really happy with this result; especially as I was slightly concerned that if I lost any more weight this could be potentially dangerous for my BMI.

Looking at the positives, I did cut out alcohol, caffeine and substituted breakfast for juices all three days so that in itself is an achievement for me.

Would I do a juice detox again? I think I would go for Just Juices ‘Juice and Dine’ option which gives you a low calorie meal in the evenings. I didn’t struggle so much during the day…but sitting down with just a juice for dinner was a very alien feeling for me.

Thank you Just Juices for introducing me to the world of juicing and opening my eyes to some of the wonderful combinations of juice I could potentially create myself.

Please follow them on Twitter here and find their website here. They are lovely people and so so helpful!

Have you tried a juice detox? Let me know below!