Is it normal to have post-festival blues two weeks after returning from Worthy Farm? I had never been to a festival before…it had never really appealed to me, but I had always wanted to ‘do’ Glastonbury, even if it was just the once! Even after the line-up had been announced, I found it really difficult to get excited…I never would have imagined it would have ended up being some of the most bizarre, fun, crazy 5 days that I will remember for years to come. I have even registered us for next  year…I loved it that much.

Now with every festival comes music…but with the music also comes camping. I can’t count on one hand the amount of people who looked at me in horror when I told them I was going to be staying in a tent for a whole weekend. One of my colleagues even went as far as saying she had a bet on that I wouldn’t last until Saturday.

But I embraced the camping side for all that it was….with our leaky tent that I only found out when I was putting it DOWN that we had put up completely wrong, with the fly sheet upside down and the inner tent facing the floor. Massive fail.

As a beauty fanatic I have put together my top 10 items that I would recommend taking to any festival to make sure you are prepared for anything. Some of these are beauty related, others not….but I hope if any festival virgins are reading this they can take some of my advice!

So, in no particular order:

  1. Dry Shampoo. Do not be naïve and think you will brave the shower queues every morning because in reality 3 hours waiting in weather you can’t guarantee is extremely tedious. We only endured this once throughout the whole festival, waiting until we couldn’t feel any grubbier before taking the plunge. Instead, make sure you are stocked up with a big can of dry shampoo, such as Paul Mitchell’s Dry Wash, which will make hair look instantly refreshed and easy to maintain.
  2. Halo wipes. I literally cannot put into words how much of a saviour these wipes were. I never ever want to even think of the Glastonbury toilet situation again, but having these wipes made everything just that little bit more bearable. From toilet and surface wipes (which trust me, you will need) to hygiene wipes and moist toilet tissue, Halo have handy handbag sized packets that will have you covered for whatever horror you might find lurking behind that long drop door.
  3. Face wipes. I have banged on about these wipes enough in other posts but if you are going anywhere such as a festival, a long weekend or on holiday make sure you pick up a pack of Clean & Clear Truly Gentle 3 in 1 facial wipes. They take even the most waterproof mascara off in one sweep and help protect skin from breakouts. Perfect for Glasto!
  4. Toilet paper/wet wipes. They are not only for toilet situations! I used wet wipes for so many other things at the festival. If I wasn’t wiping mud off my wellies, I was wiping a stray fried egg off my leg (don’t ask), getting water out of our leaky tent with them or giving myself a makeshift bath.
  5. I sprayed the ends of my hair with label m Powder Pink Spray before I went away. These sprays are so easy to use and look so cool! The only downside is that they make your hair pretty knotted and dry so if you are going to embrace the vibrant colours, make sure you have access to water for a hair wash the next day! A must have for girly festival-goers.
  6. GLITTER! At Glastonbury, you can make any make up look seem normal so make sure you pack the glitter and bright eyeliners. Even though I piled it onto my eyes, my look seemed pretty tame to what others had going on!
  7. Phone protection. When you are in the wind, rain and in Glastonbury’s case extreme mud, you need to make sure your phone is fully protected for anything that comes its way. I made sure I had an Otter Box Symmetry phone case on it which claimed to protect even submerged in water. It was also ‘shock’ resistant. Luckily I didn’t drop my phone or cause any damage, but with this phone case on it looked pretty invincible!
  8. Flower headbands. Get yourself down to New Look before you go away and pick up a couple of cute flower headbands. They have an amazing range, they are a decent quality and they don’t break the bank. I bought two for less than £10.
  9. Travel toothbrush.  I don’t recommend taking your normal toothbrush because you never know where it is going to end up in your tent….or what could crawl onto it. I picked up two really cheap ones from Savers that had holders so they were protected from horrible germs or creepy crawlies even if it was loose in my bag/tent.
  10. Wellies. Even if the forecast is glorious sun, make sure you pack them in the car just in case! I practically lived in mine at Glasto. I did end up with some dodgy leg tan lines mind. The brighter the better.

I hope people are able to take something away from this post…if you are going to a festival this summer I hope you have an amazing time! It really is like being in a little bubble for a few days and I can’t wait to plan my next one. To see all of my Glastonbury pics, please follow my Instagram account @alldolledupuk.