As a Bumble and bumble virgin, I knew it wouldn’t be long before I caved and purchased one of their products…especially after seeing so many rave reviews on other beauty blogs.

I debated for ages on which product to buy. Part of me wanted to try the the chalk sprays but then I decided they probably wouldn’t be work appropriate. Another part of me wanted to try out their Pret a Powder dry shampoo…but I didn’t feel I would use it enough to justify those pennies. In the end, I settled for their recently launched Cityswept Finish spray as I didn’t have that many styling products at the time.

The Cityswept spray comes in a gorgeous blue 4oz bottle which is about the same amount as a can of hairspray. At £21.50, it was probably the most expensive hair product I have ever bought…but I was confident it would be worth it. The spray claims to create a lived-in ‘street-style’ and give you that ‘just got out of bed’ look that I felt I could never quite achieve with my poker straight locks!

I would describe the spray as more of a wax…after shaking it thoroughly I applied only to the ends of my hair and ran my fingers through several times to tousle them up. The texture it gives your hair is almost waxy and greasy but a little goes a long way and the product does make your hair easy to tease into that messed up style. You wouldn’t want to spray this anywhere near your roots or you would look as if you hadn’t washed for about a week. It felt strange applying a product that made my hair feel grubby…but it did add a lot of volume and made my hair look thicker with much more body.

I try to use this product only when I am going out for the evening or for special occasions.  That way I am not wasting it (because it is expensive!) and it gives me a chance to wash it out the next morning. I have kept it in all day before but after an 8 hour shift at work my hair start to look a bit sorry for itself.

Would I re-purchase? If I can afford the pennies then yes I think this product is worth it…it gives my hair a style I haven’t achieved before with any other product. If there is a cheaper dupe out there then I would be very interested to hear, so please do let me know! I am also looking into getting the Bumble and bumble Grooming Crème….so please give me a tweet if you have tried this too!

What are your thoughts on Cityswept Finish? Let me know below!