Last week, I met with Linda Davies-Carr, Regional Vice President of a skincare and cosmetics brand called Arbonne. I hadn’t heard of Arbonne before, but a quick glance on their website before the meeting told me that they catered for almost anything and anyone.

photo (8)My meeting with Linda went well, we talked about my work with alldolledup and then went on to talk about the potential of Arbonne. Linda talked about how she had been investing more money than needed on her skincare and make-up before finding Arbonne, which was a more affordable range and worked so much better than the bigger brands she had previously bought.

After our meeting, Linda left me with a bag of goodies to try for a week, including make-up, and various moisturisers and creams. I decided to put Arbonne to the test, swapping my primer, moisturiser and foundation and seeing if throughout the week I noticed any difference in the quality, cost and smell of my usual products…

For more information on Arbonne and their products please visit Linda’s website at

Keep posted for what I thought about the Arbonne experiment.