I received these two products as a very generous PR sample from Antipodes. I hadn’t heard of the range before but had been advised it was a favourite of Elle Macpherson’s. The products are 71% organic and the brand originates from New Zealand.

AntipodesThe products I received included a cream cleanser and a facial cream. Both come in cream coloured ‘toothpaste tubes’ that look simple and very retro. The cream cleanser claims to ‘clear impurities and remove make-up gracefully’.

I used this product as part of my shower ritual this morning, figuring I could rinse it off quite easily with the faucet.

The product looks like a moisturiser at first glance and doesn’t lather up much when applied to the face. My immediate reaction was that the product had an extremely strong smell that I wasn’t expecting and is unlike any beauty product that I have used before. On reflection, it does state it is ‘avocado oil, marigold and pinot noir’ however whatever that equated to I wasn’t its biggest fan. Holding my breath as I rubbed it into my face, I did notice that it felt very smooth to apply and because it didn’t lather it wasn’t a messy process. I had no problems at all rinsing it off and it left my skin considerably softer and feeling more refreshed.

After getting out of the shower, I asked my partner to take a smell of the product to see if it was just my sense of smell that wasn’t agreeing with the ingredients. Apparently it was, because he couldn’t see anything wrong with it. Thinking it must have just been me, I opened my facial cream to begin my make-up routine.

Again, the facial cream is labelled as having ‘avocado oil, manuka flower and sweet almond’ in the natural ingredients; however this still didn’t agree with my nostrils. The actual product is great – a little goes a long way and again, my skin felt instantly moisturised and soft to touch. I can tell this product would keep my skin hydrated throughout the day and it wasn’t oily in the slightest.

Overall, I think that Antipodes does what it says on the tin but personally for me the smell was quite off-putting. This wouldn’t put me off using the product again at all, as the results were exactly what I was looking for. The facial day cream was a particular favourite of mine and I will add this into my daily routine to see my skin is prevented from drying out during the day.

Perhaps the smell is down to all of the ingredients being organic and natural?

I give both Antipodes products a firm 6 out of 10.