Firstly, before I start this post… those who know me will know that my hair is 99% of the time poker straight, even naturally.


So when I opened my June Glossybox to find not one but two curl products my heart sank a little. However, you have to try these things out to see what works!

I applied the product to my towel dried hair after brushing it through. I could see that my hair has a slightly natural wave and the cream instantly made these more prominent.

Rather than wait for my hair to dry naturally, I applied a diffuser to my hair-dryer. I have never dried my hair with a diffuser before so I was a somewhat novice to the whole process. Although the results were far from curly, the combination of the cream and the diffuser left my hair with a light wave that made it look so much more natural. For me, this will be a great quick look for work as usually my hair gets quite windswept on the walk in!

Although I probably won’t buy the full version of this product, it has opened my eyes that I can do more with my hair than straighten it!

If anybody with naturally curly hair uses this… please let me know what results you have!