I have seen this new in-shower moisturiser advertised in quite a few magazines so I purchased a bottle to see what the fuss was all about!

NiveaFor me, this sounded like the perfect product as I am first to hold my hands up at being guilty of not moisturising due to never having enough time. The thought of being able to moisturise while still in shower sounded like a great idea!

The product looks and smells like a normal moisturiser. The instructions simply say to apply after using shower gel and rinse off with water.

I found myself using a lot of the moisturiser to get an all over body coverage, meaning that it wouldn’t take long for me to use up the bottle. It felt strange applying such a ‘greasy’ product in the shower but once I had rinsed it off you could feel the smooth results instantly. I was a little worried as I felt like the product wasn’t rinsed off properly again due to the ‘greasy’ feel but once you are out of the shower and dressed you wonder how you lived without this product before.

It saves the time of having to wait until you are dry, applying general moisturiser and then having to wait again until that is dry before dressing.

I have also found this product in my local Savers store in a super-size for around £3…so I will be coming back for more!