I couldn’t quite wait for pay day so I picked up a bottle of L’Oreal’s Extraordinary Oil (for coloured hair) from my local Boots store. At £9.99 this seemed quite steep for a L’Oreal hair product but I know how transforming oil can be on the hair so I thought I would give this a try.

They recommend that you can use this oil in three different ways. 1. Before shampooing to protect the colour. 2. Before styling to protect your hair or 3. As a finishing touch for shine.

I chose to use the product on my wet hair before blow-drying it. You only need to use two squirts of the oil and rub it between your palms before distributing it through your roots and the ends of your hair. The oil was surprisingly light weight and didn’t make my hair feel greasy when I applied it. After blow-drying my hair felt a lot softer than it usually does, although it didn’t improve any of the dryness that I usually get at the ends of my hair. It also gave my hair a nice shine which a few people commented on.

All in all, I think that this product will over time improve the condition of my hair and at a fraction of the price that I could have paid for other brands of hair oil. I have been using the oil for a few days now and from the looks of it, the 100ml bottle is going to last me a good few months.

If your hair is looking a bit dull and lifeless then this is definitely a must-have!