SophieSoWrites #2: I deleted social media

Cheltenham Literature Festival

It’s was a funny old week last week. A hormonal week. A week of thinking, feeling, re-evaluating. I needed a social media break Last Sunday I deleted social media off my phone for the first time in over ten years. I have an addiction to my phone, […]

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SophieSoWrites #1: Ditching the diets

Strawberry Oats

Yesterday I put out a post explaining why I was done with blogging. You can read it here. As I hit publish last night, I wasn’t sure what people would think of the piece. Did I just look like I was moaning? Or giving in because I’d failed? The comments […]

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Why I’m done with ‘blogging’

Sophie Fryer

I haven’t written anything on this website for two months. I could tell you I’ve ‘been busy’, with a wedding and a new house to plan for. I could tell you I’ve ‘been rubbish’, and I’ll start posting twice a week now with extra Instagram […]

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August – things I’m looking forward to

Ice cream cone

August has always been one of my favourite months – it brings back memories of being a child and knowing that you had ‘a whole month off school’. For me, summer isn’t really here until August and some people will hate me for saying that I secretly […]

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How much cash do you really spend?

Purse with cash and cards

Recently I read in The Guardian that in 2017 card payments had overtaken cash for the first time. I was surprised that it had taken until 2017 to be the more popular option – even more so that it was reported to have happened a year earlier than expected. The […]

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We’re engaged!

These last six weeks have been a whirlwind – so much has happened and it’s only now that I’ve had the chance to sit down and write about it on this little blog of mine. I am engaged! It still feels so strange to write that, but yep, this girl’s […]

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SophieSoSells Launch

I’ve been working on a little something…which is why it has been a little quiet around here!  After lots of planning, hard-work and organisation, I am very excited to unveil my new blog shop to you all! ‘SophieSoSells’ is now live and will […]

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Heartfelt Vintage, Bristol

Vintage afternoon tea

Champagne and hot dogs. Cocktails and comic books. Vintage wedding dresses and afternoon tea. These all exist as business ventures. The concept of combining two very different but current ideas is becoming increasingly popular, the latter of which I was […]

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