Sophie Fryer

Things are looking a little different around here… Welcome to SophieSo! I am certainly celebrating today – celebrating the new site, celebrating getting back into writing and celebrating having a ‘side hustle’, something that is completely […]

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72 hours in Edinburgh

Oh Edinburgh! Such a pretty city, and one that has been on my bucket list for years. Liam whisked me away for the Easter break where we rented an Air BnB and prepared ourselves for eating a lot of food and a lot of cake. We had such a lovely few days […]

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Accutane – My Skin Journey #4

  I’m not going to sugar coat it…these last four weeks on accutane have been hard! It’s definitely been the most challenging month – but I am positive my skin is getting much better. If you are new to my skin series you can find all of […]

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April Goals

  I am slightly late to the party when it comes to posting about my April goals – but it is officially spring and I am too excited not to post about what I’d like to achieve this month. There’s something about spring, the sun starts to […]

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Accutane – My Skin Journey #3

I am now nine weeks into my treatment, and Accutane has very much become a part of my day to day life. I’ve been very good when it comes to remembering to take my pills, only once have I forgotten! This last month hasn’t been too bad in terms of dry […]

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Accutane: a skincare update

*This post contains affiliate links* I am now eight weeks into my Accutane treatment and the side effects are in full swing! I’ll go into more details in my next update post due soon, but aside from the normal dry skin and lips, I’ve had bad flare […]

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What’s on my reading list? February.

Reading list

*This post contains affiliate links* Following on from my first successful month reading, February definitely had a theme when it came to my book choices. It’s been all about the hustle these past four weeks and I’ve been more active on my blog than […]

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How to budget for luxury purchases

Luxury Purchases

A few years ago, any mention of the word ‘saving’ and I would have groaned in disgust. Mostly because I was rubbish at it, I was in a bit of debt and I didn’t see the point of having money sat in the bank doing nothing. A lot has changed – and now […]

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Accutane – My Skin Journey #2

I can’t believe it has already been a month since I shared my first Accutane post on the blog – that time has flown by. I’ve now been on Accutane for five weeks – and last Tuesday I had my first appointment with the doctor to check I could continue […]

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Accutane Skin Saviours

Accutane Skincare

I’ve only been on Accutane for three weeks, and already I am starting to see the side effects on my skin. Nothing major so far, mostly dry skin and lips – it’s actually been quite nice to have my makeup last all day without slipping off. From the […]

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