Glastonbury- The Aftermath

Is it normal to have post-festival blues two weeks after returning from Worthy Farm? I had never been to a festival before…it had never really appealed to me, but I had always wanted to ‘do’ Glastonbury, even if it was just the once! Even after […]

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Gran Canaria Holiday Post*

How quickly time flies!!! It feels like yesterday I was soaking up the sun by the pool in Gran Canaria sipping on sangria with my headphones in…when in reality it was nearly a month ago since I got back! I think with Glastonbury thrown into June as […]

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Proud member of the Topcorn Tribe!*

I now think of life in two phases: BTC (before Topcorn Tribe) and ATC (after Tocorn Tribe)… How did I manage without this stuff??? When Metcalfe got in contact with me and asked me if they could send me a box of tasty treats, I hardly put up a […]

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