Launch party at Carluccio’s Cheltenham

When Gemma at Roche Communications kindly invited me to the launch event of Carluccio’s new restaurant in Cheltenham on Tuesday evening, I jumped at the chance to get an exclusive new look at the town’s new eatery. I have only eaten at a Carluccio’s […]

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Home Wish List

It only seems like yesterday that I bought a new TV stand and coffee table for my living room (having only bought the old ones less than 6 months ago…whoops!). Already, there are so many things on my home wish list that I want to add to my house. Liam […]

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Did you start the diet on January 1st? Or is your New Year resolution to eat better, exercise more and be the best that you can be? Either way, I am so excited to be sharing my #RealJuiceReboot challenge with you! Joe Wicks aka The Body Coach and […]

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Introducing SKNY box!*

I started my ‘clean eating’ lifestyle just over 5 months ago and apart from the odd glitch here and there, I am very proud of myself for keeping to it! I am a stone lighter, my skin, hair and nails are in better condition and I have so much more energy […]

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Just Juices 3 day Classic Cleanse*

You may or may not know that in the last 4 weeks I have hopped onto the healthy living bandwagon. I have always wanted to lose a bit of weight…for the last two years my goal has been to get down to a healthy 8 stone…but I have always seemed to be […]

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Ikea haul

I LOVE Ikea. You could go in with a list as long as your arm and still come out with a million items you didn’t want/need. I have fallen victim to this one too many times now, so I have given up with lists and have just accepted that I will end up coming […]

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alldolledup gets all dolled up!

Welcome to my brand new website! I am so excited to launch this much more sophisticated page that will hopefully bring in more readers for my ramblings! My previous page served me well, but it was definitely time for change! alldolledup has gone from […]

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Glastonbury- The Aftermath

Is it normal to have post-festival blues two weeks after returning from Worthy Farm? I had never been to a festival before…it had never really appealed to me, but I had always wanted to ‘do’ Glastonbury, even if it was just the once! Even after […]

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