10 things you can do with pumpkin!

I realise I have left this post a little late with Halloween being tomorrow…but there are plenty of pumpkins still in the supermarkets to make some tasty recipes. This is the first year I have ever tried cooking with pumpkin and I can’t believe what […]

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Cacao Coconut Snowballs

I love to snack. Whether its crisps, chocolate or sweets, you can guarantee that at 10am each morning you will see me munching on something at my desk. Lately, I have been swapping the unhealthy snacks for sweet or salted popcorn, which Metcalfe Skinny […]

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Just Juices 3 day Classic Cleanse*

You may or may not know that in the last 4 weeks I have hopped onto the healthy living bandwagon. I have always wanted to lose a bit of weight…for the last two years my goal has been to get down to a healthy 8 stone…but I have always seemed to be […]

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Eton Mess Recipe

Last night we had a dinner ‘do’ with two of Liam’s friends who came over for some almost homemade Thai Green Curry. I have been so good with my food recently that I felt we needed a treat so I set about making some Eton Mess from scratch. It was […]

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The ‘healthy’ alternative to pizza

I have been on a serious health kick for the past two weeks. I wasn’t too fussed about losing weight or even getting fitter…I just became very conscious of what I was putting into my body every day. I was eating a lot of processed, fatty, rubbish […]

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