Protein Pizza with Bulk Powders

As we approach mid-January, I can practically hear the groans of those who over-indulged at Christmas as they start to lose momentum with their fad New Year diet and can’t bear to haul themselves down to the gym for the fifth time this week. I am […]

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Launch party at Carluccio’s Cheltenham

When Gemma at Roche Communications kindly invited me to the launch event of Carluccio’s new restaurant in Cheltenham on Tuesday evening, I jumped at the chance to get an exclusive new look at the town’s new eatery. I have only eaten at a Carluccio’s […]

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Easy Veggie Thai Green Curry

Meat doesn’t always need to be on the menu when it comes to curries, and this easy thai recipe certainly doesn’t miss any chicken or prawns! I absolutely love cooking thai food and green curry is my favourite. Now that it is coming into the spring, […]

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Simple buckwheat pancakes recipe

I love pancakes. I honestly cannot get enough of them. Whether they are sweet or savoury…or for breakfast, lunch or dinner…I don’t think I could ever turn down the offer of a good pancake! I recently discovered Coconut Essence, who stock all of […]

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Did you start the diet on January 1st? Or is your New Year resolution to eat better, exercise more and be the best that you can be? Either way, I am so excited to be sharing my #RealJuiceReboot challenge with you! Joe Wicks aka The Body Coach and […]

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Introducing SKNY box!*

I started my ‘clean eating’ lifestyle just over 5 months ago and apart from the odd glitch here and there, I am very proud of myself for keeping to it! I am a stone lighter, my skin, hair and nails are in better condition and I have so much more energy […]

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Warming winter vegetables

I saw my friend Ruth create this meal a few weeks ago and I remember thinking how amazing it looked on Instagram! Check out her account (@thehungryactress), she always posts really inspiring pictures and her food creations always look so yummy! I thought […]

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Salami soba noodles

Last week, we hadn’t planned our meals very well and I was stuck with whatever I could find in the kitchen. I ended up throwing this noodle dish together and it was really tasty so I had to share with you all! You could make a vegetarian version of […]

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