The Stuart Holmes Salon Cheltenham

Before and after

If there’s ever a time to treat yourself to a new ‘do’, it’s definitely Christmas time. No wonder the hairdressers get booked up so far in advance, – when there’s Christmas parties and drinks and gatherings, naturally everybody wants to look their best. I […]

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Tips to maintain silver, white and icy blonde hair

Bleach blonde hair

It’s been over a year now since I bleached my hair and it is both the best and worst decision I have ever made. On the one hand, I absolutely adore my silvery white locks – and I have never received so many compliments from strangers about my hair colour. […]

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Accutane – My Skin Journey #4

  I’m not going to sugar coat it…these last four weeks on accutane have been hard! It’s definitely been the most challenging month – but I am positive my skin is getting much better. If you are new to my skin series you can find all of […]

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Accutane – My Skin Journey #3

I am now nine weeks into my treatment, and Accutane has very much become a part of my day to day life. I’ve been very good when it comes to remembering to take my pills, only once have I forgotten! This last month hasn’t been too bad in terms of dry […]

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Accutane: a skincare update

*This post contains affiliate links* I am now eight weeks into my Accutane treatment and the side effects are in full swing! I’ll go into more details in my next update post due soon, but aside from the normal dry skin and lips, I’ve had bad flare […]

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Accutane – My Skin Journey #2

I can’t believe it has already been a month since I shared my first Accutane post on the blog – that time has flown by. I’ve now been on Accutane for five weeks – and last Tuesday I had my first appointment with the doctor to check I could continue […]

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Accutane Skin Saviours

Accutane Skincare

I’ve only been on Accutane for three weeks, and already I am starting to see the side effects on my skin. Nothing major so far, mostly dry skin and lips – it’s actually been quite nice to have my makeup last all day without slipping off. From the […]

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Bath time favourites

Bathtime favourites

*This post contains affiliate links* I love a good bath. There’s nothing more relaxing than selecting your favourite bath bomb, pouring yourself a glass of wine and taking some time out to read or catch up on the blogging world. I think it is important […]

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Accutane – My Skin Journey


“Thank you for referring this lady with acne since the age of 18 on her face, neck and back. She has had oral antibiotics for a good period of time in the past and Dianette, but things have worsened in the last 18 months.” This letter from the […]

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Not another Sephora haul!

“Not another Sephora haul!” – I can almost hear the groans as I publish this blog! Yep, I know – but you’ve clicked this far so we might as well roll with it right? Plus, I did buy some pretty great products which I want to shout about…so […]

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The Festival Edit

Festival season is almost upon us and I personally can’t wait to dig out my dungarees, wack some crazy colours in my hair and stock up on the cider! I was lucky enough to get my hands on Glastonbury tickets this year – and I am already planning my […]

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