I accepted a while ago that I would never be able to achieve a lovely deep glowing tan, even after spending a week in Mauritius!

I told myself to embrace the pale and so far I have managed to not go all green-eyed at my friends and colleagues who look like they have stepped off a plane even after spending a weekend in their gardens.

On the other hand, of course I was intrigued when I saw that St Tropez was bringing out an in-shower gradual tanner. Most of my hatred of tans in a bottle is purely down to application…I mean who really does time to spend scrubbing a mitt up and down your body stood naked in the bathroom? Plus, for me to get even a hint of a glow I need to sleep with the stuff on so that it develops and that really isn’t sexy when you jump into bed with your other half smelling of biscuits.

So the in-shower application tan sounded like a dream come true. When I bought it, it was on offer for £9.00 in Boots (down from £14.50) so I blew my points on a bottle and felt like I had pretty much bagged it for free!

After doing my usual business in the shower, I turned the faucet off and applied the tan in circular motions to my skin. It reminded me a little of in-shower moisturiser in that it doesn’t quite absorb properly because the skin is wet but it does feels silky smooth. It actually helped that it didn’t all disappear because it was easy to see where I had missed spots. After I had applied from head to toe, the waiting game began as you just have to wait for 3 minutes before you can wash it off.

3 minutes is actually a really long time when you are stood in the shower not doing a lot. I didn’t have a clock to hand so I ‘did a Joey Essex’ and counted the Mississippi’s in my head. 180 of them later and I stepped back underneath the shower and rinsed.

The tan isn’t obvious at first but it does develop into a lovely subtle glow as the day goes on. I don’t think that after one application anybody would notice, but I do think if I was to use this on a regular basis it would build up and make me look less like a sheet of paper. I have read other reviews where people have complained that the tan is drying. I didn’t experience this at all and I am very prone to dry skin. I think as long as you moisturise regularly then that shouldn’t be an issue.

This product really does take the hassle out of tanning and I will be continuing to use throughout the summer and probably through to winter. No fuss, no dramas…just a nice healthy glow!