With two holidays under my belt already this year, my blogging has taken a little bit of a back-seat recently. Not that I am complaining…not many people get to see New York and Mauritius within the space of 6 months, I am an extremely lucky girl!

Even though I have been darting around a lot, I still spend far too much on beauty products…in fact; all these trips to the duty free haven’t helped my habit at all. I want to share with you a couple of my face favourites, which have kept my skin looking fresh as a daisy this summer.

Last month, I discovered Perricone MD, a beauty range from John Lewis. I have their Nutritive Cleanser which I can say hands down is the loveliest, creamiest cleanser I have ever used and leaves my face feeling silky soft. I can’t actually put into words how soft my skin is after using this stuff, all I can say is that I feel amazing after using it. I almost don’t want to put on make-up and ruin things!

I’ve also been looking after my lips more, as they get can get very dry and crack in the heat. I’ve recently repurchased the Popcorn Lip Scrub from Lush, which clears up any problem areas and keeps me lipstick-ready at all times. I like to apply it just before bed, so that my lips are clean and soft from the word go.

My second Perricone MD fave is their No Foundation Foundation, which I would say is a mixture between a tinted moisturiser and BB cream. Sometimes I like to have a break from heavy foundations to give my skin a breather, but unfortunately for me I do not have the complexion to go bare-faced. This No Foundation is the perfect compromise, it feels lightweight, it has next to no coverage but it moisturises and smoothes out imperfections without clogging pores. A must-have for your holiday make up routine.

Finally, I have been loving Clinique’s new range of Pop Lip Colour lipsticks. When I came back from Mauritius I had a lovely warm glow, and the Melon Pop shade complimented my tan perfectly. I can’t wait to get a couple more of these, they look and feel great.

Let me know if you have tried any of the products above, or if you have any of your own summer face faves.